• NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.

    Emergency Drill Procedures

    ALL Emergency Procedures will remain the SAME during “real-life” events, should they occur. Several Emergency DRILLS will be modified this year to allow for social distancing.

    Lockdown Drill: This drill will be modified. Classroom teachers will explain the procedures for students and demonstrate as needed. 

    Fire Drill: During the evacuation process, and while students are holding outside, students will be kept at a reasonable distance apart from each other. These same rules will apply when students are returned inside back to their classrooms. Understandably, this drill will take more time than normal to accomplish, as the entire drill will be considerably slowed down.

    Tornado Drill: Students will NOT be removed to the hallways during the drill. Instead, students will remain inside their classroom and will safely practice the drill at their desk as they would an Earthquake Drill.