• NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.

    General School-Wide Expectations

    For the safety of all staff and students:

    • we will encourage social distancing and constantly remind students to remain 6 feet apart from others in all areas of the school. This includes when students are arriving, transitioning throughout the building, while in classrooms and when entering/exiting the building.
    • frequent hand washing will be encouraged
    • hand sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the building.
    • hand sanitizer will be provided in all classrooms.
    • Disinfecting wipes will be provided to teachers to clean high-touch areas frequently throughout the day.
    • desks and chairs will be cleaned and appropriately disinfected at the end of each school day.
    • temperature checks will be conducted at least once per day upon a student’s arrival at school.
      • Students who have over 99 or above temperature are sent to nurse for secondary screening. If a car rider, parent will remain at the school until secondary check is complete. 
      • Students who have 100.4 or above will be sent to the isolation room and parent/guardian will be contacted. 
    • students should reduce the number of personal items brought to and from school.
    • classroom items will not be shared. Students will have their own set of supplies and materials to use on a daily basis.