Transportation Safety Reminders

  • 2021-2022 – Car Riders will NOT NEED to register for a CAR TAG

    Please follow the CBM Car Loop Map (Below). Circumventing this plan places students in danger. Officers CAN TICKET on campus for traffic violations!

    Staff are up front (main entry) to assist between 7-10 cars at a time exchanging students. If everyone pulls fully forward when the previous line exits, traffic/student movement will flow more smoothly.

    Bike Riders should WALK BIKES through dismissal/arrival areas and lock bikes at racks (gym side of the building). Please do not park bikes in trees/bushes. Secure your bike!


    • CANE BAY BOULEVARD. Students should NEVER cross the Boulevard. The tunnel is the only safe route across the street.
    • CBM BUS LOOP. Our kiddos cannot move between buses. Driver visibility is very limited when parked on the loop for dismissal/arrival and they will not be able to see children who attempt to move between the buses. This is an incredible safety risk.
    • CBM SIDE LOT. This area if for staff parking and is not supervised for student movement. Do not drop off or pick up students in this area.
      Cane Bay HIGH SCHOOL – Picking up/dropping off students on CBH’s campus is trespassing based on school safety procedures. Please do not drop off students in this area.
    • Cane Bay MARKET– We cannot supervise students beyond our campus. Pick up at the Market area is unsupervised and under the jurisdiction of the Market businesses.
      CBE BUS LOOP. Students are unsupervised in this area, as it is not part of our normal campus area. It “belongs” to the CBE property and is only for elementary use.


    • Normal opening time is 7:35. Students report to their grade’s area and may pick up breakfast.
    • Classes start at 8:05AM. After that time, students are tardy.
    • Dismissal begins at 3:05PM with bike/car riders. Parents may pick up students at the front entry. Students will be called by GRADE LEVEL to the car rider area.

    In order to ensure that our children are safe on campus, we have staff on duty from 7:35AM to 3:05PM each day. Students may be on campus only during these times. Exceptions are made for students who are involved in school activities under the specific supervision of adult staff members.

    We understand the difficulty some families have with childcare and early morning transportation. Students who need to arrive earlier than 7:35AM may register for Cobra Care between 6:30-7:35AM for a weekly fee. To register for Cobra Care, please email or call Ms. Stacey Brown-Inge ( You can also visit our Cobra Care online registration portal.

    We appreciate your cooperation with our efforts to keep students safe while on campus at Cane Bay Middle School. If you have concerns or questions about this letter, please feel free to contact our AP for transportation, Mr. Dustin Lewis. 843-899-1857.

Car Rider Map

  • This map was updated on August 5, 2021 to reflect any changes for the 2021-2022 school year.

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