• Your Future

    If you enroll in AFJROTC, there is NEVER any obligation to join the military.

    AF JROTC is a citizenship program that emphasizes “life skills” & will give you tools for success! However, benefits are available to those who wish to pursue a military career. AFJROTC cadets who choose to go to college may receive special consideration for AFROTC scholarships & entry into the military service academies. These programs will enable you to become an officer in the military. The college scholarships pay for tuition, fees, books, & also provide a monthly stipend. At the service academies, all expenses are paid plus cadets are also given a monthly stipend.

    For cadets who decide to enter the military immediately after high school graduation, you might be eligible to enlist at one to two pay grades higher than other enlistees after basic training.

    Am I Eligible?

    Are you a volunteer in the 9-12th grade, willing to meet our personal grooming standards, and proudly wear the uniform, then YES, you can join! Please talk to Lt Col Ott, CMSgt Siau, or a school counselor. 

    The AFJRTOC Experience

    Our accredited curriculum is comprised of 40 percent Aerospace Science, 40 percent Leadership Education, and 20 percent Physical Fitness training. A major part of the cadet experience is community service. Through it, you will gain a sense of civic responsibility, team work, belonging, & feel the pride that comes with true accomplishment.