Special Education & Early Learning Programs

  • All three opportunities will be provided for special education students. Students will continue to receive their specialized instruction and related services (if applicable) through special education teachers and related service providers. School teams will follow district guidelines and safety precautions.

    For Blended Distance Learning, teachers will continue with their daily schedule, with live opportunities for direct instruction each day per class. In collaboration with parents, teams will consider participation in this model and any needs for in person support based on the student’s IEP.

    For Virtual Learning (7th-12th), students with disabilities may require additional considerations when participating in this model through the IEP meeting.

    • Ensure Virtual Platform has access to and can provide accommodations
    • IEP Team will consider delivery of special education and related services as part of the meeting.

    CERDEP & Head Start

    Both Traditional and Blended Distance Learning will be offered to our students in the CERDEP and Head Start program. School teams will follow district guidelines and safety protocols.

    For Blended Distance Learning, students would participate in live stream teaching during direct instruction.