Chromebook repair and replacement

  • Blended students working from home should contact the school to arrange a time with the librarian to drop off the damaged Chromebook and receive a replacement. Please make sure you return the charger along with the Chromebook once arrangements have been made.

Student Technology Help Desk

Internet Access & Offers

  • AT&T offers free home internet service to students

    Families must participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

    To support school district's and charter school's E-Learning platforms during the Covid-19 pandemic, AT&T is providing two months of free internet service to families who participate in SNAP.

    Please consider passing this information along to co-workers and families who may benefit from this promotion.

    For more information, please follow this link to the AT&T access/availability page.

    Home Telecom is committed to keep you connected

    At Home Telecom, we are committed to keeping all of you connected at all times throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Home Telecom will suspend disconnections for any residential or small business customer due to nonpayment of services for the next 60 days. Home Telecom will also waive any late fees incurred as a result of late payments caused by pandemic disruptions.

    Additionally, as part of the FCC Keep America Connected pledge, Home Telecom hotspots have always been open and free to the public and will remain open and free to anyone in the Lowcountry who needs to access them.

    Home Telecom will also be offering several Internet programs to support remote workers and e-learning for students.

    • Free Internet with WiFi will be available to NEW households in our service area with K-12 or college students during the national emergency. Visit for more information and to sign-up.
    • Current Internet customers can upgrade their Internet speed to the next speed tier without a price increase for three months to assist homes requiring more bandwidth during this time. Current customers can visit to request the discounted Internet speed upgrade.
    • As always, there are NO overage fees or usage caps associated with Home Telecom Internet plans.

    Our customers can rest assured knowing the Home Telecom resilient network is more than capable of handling the needs of people remotely working, as well as for students completing their coursework from home. Home Telecom is fully committed to keeping the communities we serve connected during this national emergency and long after.

    For the safety of Home Telecom technicians, if a site visit is required, you will be asked to answer a list of screening questions prior to a technician being able to enter your home.  Home Telecom urges our patrons to be honest and keep the welfare of our employees and those they come in contact with in mind.

    We thank you for your cooperation. Please continue to take recommended precautions to keep your family and loved ones safe during this time.

    Home Telecom Management Team

    BCSD hotspots

    Berkeley County School District hotspot devices provide filtered internet access. Below are links to instructions on connecting and using our various hotspot devices. For additional information on BCSD hotspot devices, please contact out Office of Technology at 843-572-5510.

    Verizon Ellipsis Hotspot  |  Kajeet SmartSpot  |  Verizon 4510L Hotspot  |  Verizon 6620L Hotspot  Verizon 4620L Hotspot