• Berkeley Alternative School provides students who have not achieved success in a regular school setting an opportunity to be promoted to the next grade level or salvage some or all of their high school units. Many students are one or two grade levels behind when they enroll.

    The school’s goal is to have students return to their home school and complete graduation requirements. BAS offers all core subjects including special education in middle and high school for grades sixth through 12th. Students receive a full day of instruction; high school students work on a 4x4 block schedule and middle school students take four core classes and two related arts classes.

    Determining factors for students returning to their home school include the length of time they spent at BAS (typically they must spend one successful semester at BAS unless they are required to stay the entire school year), along with their grades, attendance and behavior.

    BAS helps prepare its students to return to their home schools through counseling, direct instruction and positive behavior supports. Students need to pass three out of four classes, have five absences or less, and finish the semester with few or no major referrals to be eligible to head back to their home school (the school particularly looks at improvement in behavior throughout the semester).