• We are going to attempt to do a Virtual choir Recording of Lullabye. For those that have never sung this piece, it is our end of the year tribute to our Senior class, and has been sung by every senior class since we opened! There are some little wrinkles to look out for.

    1) All Tenors and Basses will begin with the Tenor line and branch off at the beginning and again at measure 38. Listen to the practice tracks and you will hear what I mean.

    2) We will sing this in the key of F# major (not G as it is listed) the middle section moves to F# minor and then back to F# major (parallel minor/major relationship)

    3) From Measures 30 - 38 SENIORS ONLY sing the melody. All other Sopranos and altos will sing the Sop/Alto line.

    4) This piece was originally set for 6 male voices. Over the past few years, we have re-voiced it and had the Altos sing the T1 line, ALL Tenors sing Tenor 2, Soprano 1 and 2 on the top line split. ( if you are an upperclassman and never learned it that way, then just sing what you know! :) )

    5) There are no tempo changes in the click track. For those of you that have sung this before, this will drive you crazy. Just stay in time with the track and we can change the tempo and timing in the post production.


    VIDEO record yourself singing your part. Use the click track, or the practice tracks provided. SEE BELOW FOR IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS!!

    1) Please use headphones to hear the track in your ear so you stay in time (VERY IMPORTANT!!!!) and so that we don't hear the background track on the final recording. If you do that, we can still use your video, but not your audio.

    2) PLEASE CLAP with the 4 plucks at the beginning, then wait 4 beats before you come in. This will allow us to line the videos up together. (This is represented in the practice files as well)

    3) Do your best...but! It actually doesn't have to be note perfect. We will have some ability to clean up the audio, and remember, we will have multiple files to mesh together. Don't stress too much over it, get it as clean as you can, and submit it. The more important thing is that we have your video.

    Below I have attached practice files for you to use, and a sample video. Use these to guide you as you create your submission. We will need all submissions by Monday May 18th in order to edit them together in time for the Variety Show Broadcast.

    HAVE FUN!! It is actually very exciting to be able to sing "alonetogehter" and to hear our voices together one last time this year!


    Use this link to access the practice files, and then submit your video to bennettw@bcsdschools.net