Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)

  • All students, beginning in 8th grade, meet with their school counselors to review their Individual Graduation Plan (IGP). Parents/guardians are invited and strongly encouraged to attend these annual meetings to review their student's progress toward graduation and towards the student's goals for after graduation. Important information is reviewed during these meetings; some topics include graduation requirements, requirements to attend college, testing needs, and information about scholarships. Regardless of your student's goal for after high school, the IGP meeting with the School Counselor is important to ensure their success!

    Please note that IGP conferences are generally scheduled in this order:

    Seniors - September to mid-October

    Juniors - end of October to early December

    Freshmen - mid-January to February

    Sophomores - February to April


    At Stratford High School, we schedule our students' IGP conferences through an online scheduler which allows our parents/guardians to select the date/time that works best for them. Parents/Guardians who do not use the online scheduler are sent postcards with an assigned date/time to meet. If you ever need to reschedule your student's IGP conference, please do not hesitate to reach out to his/her counselor. Parent/guardian involvement is integral to this process. To contact your student's School Counselor by email, click on the counselor's name. To use the online scheduler to schedule an IGP conference, click on the link on the right side, below. All students, according to state law (EEDA), must have an IGP conference completed every year by a specific deadline. We look forward to meeting with you for your student's IGP conference!

  • Caseload:                           

    Students' last name A-Cl


    Students' last name Co-Gl


    Students' last name Go-Kn


    Students' last name Ko-N


    Students' last name O-Ri


    Students' last name Ro-So



    Students' last name Sp-Z