• Expectations, Classroom Procedures, and Assessment

    Expectations for Students

    1. Adhere to all school and district policies.
    2. Respect yourself and others.
    3. Be in class on time, in your seat, and ready to learn.
    4. Raise your hand to be recognized.
    5. Listen carefully and follow directions.



    • 1st  Warning
    • 2nd  Student-Teacher Conference
    • 3rd  Parent Contact/Conference
    • 4th  Guidance Referral
    • 5th  Office Referral
    • *Serious misconduct may result in an immediate referral.


    • Academic Pep Rallies
    • Praise & Prizes
    • Positive Notes & Phone Calls
    • Class Celebrations



    • Enter the classroom quietly.
    • Place all book bags, instruments, etc. in assigned areas.
    • Begin the warm-up activity immediately.
    • Maintain your agenda at all times.
    • Have a chapter book with you at all times.
    • Complete homework every day.
    • Use the restroom between classes.
    • Observe the locker schedule.
    • All transitions should be swift, orderly, and quiet.
    • Dismissal occurs at the direction of the teacher.


    Grade Weights

    • 20%  Class work
    • 10%  Homework
    • 30%  Quizzes
    • 40%  Unit Tests