• Course Description: Biology introduces basic knowledge of living organisms and the interactions of these organisms with the natural world.  Students will learn about scientific inquiry, the structure and function of cells and their organelles, energy flow within/between living systems (photosynthesis, cellular respiration, food webs), genetics (DNA and RNA), evolution and natural selection, and the interrelationships among organisms and their environments. This course involves lecture-discussion, presentations and laboratory activities. 

    Textbook and Other Required Materials:

    • Biology Textbook à must remain covered
    • 3-ring one-inch binder (used for this class only)
    • 3-ring subject dividers (Sections: Vocabulary, Outlines, Notes, Worksheets, and Study Guides)
    • Composition Book (used for this class only (Bellringers/Starters))
    • Paper & Pencil
    • Colored Pencils
    • Highlighters
    • Index Cards

    Credits: 1 Science

    Grading System: A weighted point scale determines grades.  For each assignment, the number of points earned divided by the total points determines the grade.  Tests and projects are weighted 50%, quizzes and classwork are weighted 20%, labs and activities are weighted 20%, and homework is weighted 10%.  Students will be given an end of course test (EOC) towards the end of the semester that will be worth 20 percent of their final grade.  This cumulative exam is state mandated and given to ensure that students have mastered the content taught during the course. 

    Weighted Grading Scale

    • Tests/Projects               50%
    • Quizzes/Class Work       20%
    • Activities/Labs               20%
    • Homework                    10%

    District Grading Scale

    • 90- 100%                   A
    • 80- 89%                     B
    • 70- 79%                     C
    • 60- 69%                     D
    • 0- 59%                       F

    Course Grading Scale

    • First Quarter                 40%
    • Second Quarter             40%
    • EOC Exam                    20%
    • Final Grade                  100%

    Make-up Work: Each student is responsible for any missed work due to excused absences.  In accordance with district policy, this work needs to be completed within 5 days of the student’s return to school and must be scheduled with the teacher.  There is no make-up for labs missed.

    Assignments: All assignments are due on the assigned date.  Late work will be accepted within a reasonable length of time; however, half of the total points will be deducted (maximum grade received will be a 50%).   A grade of zero will be recorded for any missing assignment. 

    Tutoring: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:15 AM until 8:45 AM.  Students must have a signed pass from the teacher to attend morning tutoring. 

    Classroom Rules:

    1. No food or drinks allowed in the classroom or lab area.
    2. Cell phones must be turned off and stored away at all times.
    3. Respect other people and their property.
    4. Be on time and in your seat before the tardy bell rings.
    5. Stay on task, begin work promptly, and NO sleeping.
    6. Speak at appropriate times and levels.
    7. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    * Expect all Berkeley County School District rules and regulations to be in effect at all times in this classroom.

    Classroom Procedures:

    1. Be in your seat and pay attention during class.
    2. Be prepared for class immediately upon entering the classroom by having a sharpened pencil, completed homework, and science notebook.
    3. Sharpen pencils and throw away trash during non-instructional times.
    4. All required materials must be brought to class each day.
    5. Before leaving the classroom for any reason, you must have a pass from the teacher.

    *Students should take care of personal issues during transitional periods between classes and/or lunch.  Students will only be permitted to leave class for emergency situations during non-instructional class time.  


    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Detention and Parent Notification
    3. Office Referral

    * Students with severe disruptions will be sent directly to their administrator.

    * See student handbook for consequences on cell phone offenses*

     Laboratory Rules (Please read & sign the required “Safety Contract” for safety procedures):

    1. Prepare for laboratory work by reviewing lab procedures.
    2. Dress appropriately for laboratory work by wearing close-toed shoes.
    3. Avoid inappropriate contact with chemicals.
    4. Avoid hazards when dealing with heat, glassware, and chemical substances.
    5. Clean up after laboratory work.
    6. Inform teacher of all accidents immediately and then follow appropriate safety protocol.
    7. Goofing off and/or not participating during lab will result in a zero for the lab grade.

    * Laboratory privileges are determined at the discretion of the teacher in cases of safety concern.

    Chromebooks: Since students will have Chromebooks this semester, we will use technology in the classroom and at home. Students should make sure Chromebooks are charged BEFORE coming to class. Students are not allowed to charge cell phones or browse websites unrelated to content while using Chromebooks in class. Students are only allowed to use Chromebooks in class when there is an assignment requiring it- HANDWRITTEN notes are still required. CHROMEBOOKS WILL REMAIN IN BOOKBAGS UNLESS STUDENTS ARE TOLD OTHERWISE.