• General Info: 

    Ms. T. Ancrum 

    Email: ancrumt@bcsdschools.net

    Phone: 843.820.4000

    Tutoring Hours: M, T, Th, Fri → 8:20am - 8:50am. A hall pass is required - please obtain a pass from me the day before.

    Subjects I have Taught: Biology CP, Biology Honors, Earth Science CP, Chemistry CP, Marine Science (Berkeley County Virtual Learning Program)

    All About Me:

    I received a B.S. in Biological Sciences (concentration in Toxicology) from Clemson University and a M.A.T. in Biology from The Citadel. Before teaching, I was a Research Specialist & Lab Manager at MUSC for 4 years. My research at MUSC mainly focused on drug & alcohol addiction research in live animal subjects.

    After MUSC, I started teaching at Stratford and I’ve been teaching at Stratford for 4 years. I’ve taught Earth Science, Chemistry, and Biology at Stratford. I am also a Virtual Teacher for Berkeley County Virtual Learning Programs, where I’ve taught Earth Science, Biology, and Marine Science. 

    I am an advocate for the use of technology, critical thinking skills, inquiry-based learning, and hands-on activities. As it allows students to self-discover and think critically to solve complex problems in the real-world. As we progress through the course, I hope that I can share my love for science with you so that we may become richer with knowledge.