• Assessments are used for many purposes and are considered an integral part of teaching and learning. When results are used as intended, they provide information about whether teachers are teaching what they think they are teaching, whether students are learning what they should be learning, the pace at which learning is occurring, and specific areas of challenge or exceptionality for students. Additionally, assessments inform grading and placement decisions, and often inform educators about deficiencies in the curriculum.

    A variety of assessments (tests) are used to formatively and summatively assess student progress in Berkeley County School District, many of which are state-mandated. The Office of Testing and Accountaiblity coordinates the logistics, training and communication of centralized formative and summative assessments with the following goals in mind:

    • To provide accurate and timely information regarding testing purposes, procedures, and results;
    • To manage and ensure legal compliance in federal, state and district testing initiatives;
    • To provide guidance on the appropriate use of assessment results for accountability and school improvement;
    • To support the progression of learning;
    • To provide data for decision-making; and
    • To develop, monitor and evaluate the district’s Pre-K through Grade 12 assessment strategy.

Testing Calendar

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