• January    

    The character education trait for January is Self-Discipline.

    Self-Discipline: an awareness of the need for and the benefits of
    using impulse control in order to attain personal enhancement. For
    example, having students analyze various situations to determine the
    degree of control an individual has over one’s own behaviors. 

    Here are ways you can improve your Self-Discipline:

    • Develop a plan of action
    • Know your weaknesses
    • Find good role models
    • Hold yourself accountable


    The character education trait for February is Kindness & Compassion.

    Kindness & Compassion being courteous, considerate and helpful
    to others; treating others as you would like to be treated; showing
    sympathy and concern for others. 

    Random Acts of Kindness are always appreciated! Try one of these:

    • Pick up litter around campus
    • Make dinner for your family
    • Give a stranger a compliment
    • Donate to a charity
    • Slip someone a nice note
    • Let someone go ahead of you in line


    The character education trait for March is Perseverance.

    Perseverance being persistent in one’s efforts to accomplish a
    purpose or goal despite difficulty or obstacles; willingness to try again
    despite mistakes and failures.

    Take Your Perseverance by giving yourself one “yes” for each of the following questions:

    1. I believe in myself.
    2. I have clear career goals.
    3. I address my limitations.
    4. I bounce back from disappointments.
    5. I persist.
    6. My family and friends support me in my pursuit of goals.
    7. I can adapt to change.
    8. I focus and complete projects.
    9. My goals are consistent with my purpose and values.
    10. I can take unpopular stands when I believe I’m right.

    Add your “yes” scores. The higher your score, the more perseverance you have! If you couldn’t answer “yes” to a question, challenge yourself to work on those attributes! (Adapted from jobboom.com).


    The character education trait for April is Honesty & Integrity.

    Honesty & Integrity means being truthful in all things; acting in a way that is fair, just and moral.

    Having honesty & integrity means that you say what you mean and mean what you say. People with these traits tend to… 

    • not be concerned about their own popularity
    • stand up for their beliefs
    • be thick-skinned
    • have close relationships
    • be trusted by their peers


    The character education trait for May is Fairness & Cooperation.

    Fairness & Cooperation - a relationship with another that results in feelings of caring, support and helping the other person to be their best.

    People that practice fairness & cooperation are those that play by the rules, keep an open mind and listen to others, and those who do not take advantage of others. It is also being a team-player and helping each other reach a common goal.