• Participation in 1:1 Frequently Asked Questions
    Will the student be able to opt out of participating in 1:1?

    Answer: Chromebooks will play an integral role in classroom instruction. Parents are highly encouraged to allow their children to use Chromebooks. However, if parents have objections to Chromebook use, they should contact the school’s administration for an Opt-Out Form. The form will need to be completed and returned to the principal.


    What are the financial responsibilities for students and parents?

    Answer: Participation in the 1:1 Chromebook initiative is free of charge. In the event that the device is damaged, fees will be imposed for accidental damages beyond the first incident and damages found to be intentional in nature (screen $50.00, system board $50.00, keyboard/palm rest $30.00, cleaning fee for defacing property $20.00). Other fees may be assessed when warranted. Failure to pay fees may result in loss of eligibility to participate in school events or programs. Replacement fees for accessories will be charged (charger $17.00, protective cases $25.00). Students must report any damages of a BCSD issued device to their respective teacher immediately. The school’s administrator may revoke take-home privileges for the device if warranted by repeated or malicious damage.


    Will the student be able to take the Chromebook home?
    Each year students and parents will be required to sign an annual agreement prior to distribution of the Chromebook. Students must complete the digital citizenship curriculum prior to participating in the take-home initiative and are responsible at all times for the care and appropriate use of the issued device. Students will be issued a Chromebook with a protective case already attached.  Students are NOT to remove the Chromebook from the protective case. No stickers should be placed on devices or cases.
    Will students who transfer to another school within the District be able to keep their device?

    Students must return their device to the school prior to transferring to another school whether it be in or outside of the District. If a student transfers to another Berkeley County school that is participating in the OneBerkeley Connects 1:1 Initiative they will receive a device.


    Will students keep the Chromebooks over the summer?
    Most schools will collect Chromebooks prior to the end of the school year. In some cases, students may take devices home during the summer if a usage agreement has been completed and returned to the school. Contact your school for more information. 
    Will students be able to use their own device/laptop/tablet?

    Students can bring their own devices if the appropriate paperwork is completed. Please review the policy for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at http://downloads.microscribepub.com/sc/berkeley/jac_e_3.pdfBerkeley County School District has a filtered guest network for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). 

    Will students with disabilities receive a Chromebook?
    Berkeley County School District is committed to providing all students with the tools needed to access the curriculum. This applies to students with disabilities as well. 
    What are the “rules” for using a Chromebook?
    Please see the Technology Acceptable Use Policy at http://bcsdschools.net/Page/24448. Check with your student’s teacher or Principal for specific school rules.