Department of Education - Alternative Certification Information

    All Teacher applicants email Shelley Greene  at greenes@bcsdschools.net once application is complete, REFERENCES MUST BE COMPLETED FOR REVIEW.  Referenes must be provided from current or last supervisor.  Student teachers must provide from cooperating teacher and college supervisor.
    Student Teachers upload passing exam scores. 

    Experienced Teachers upload South Carolina or Out of State Certificate.

    Alternative Certification applicants must upload statement of eligibility from South Carolina Department of Education.      
    Applicants will be contacted in reference to  your application status within 10 business days of notification from applicant.  All certified teachers must have DISTRICT INTERVIEW prior to interviewing with schools.
    Employment Inquiries
    • Certified/Professional/Shelley Greene                          (843)899-8625                greenes@bcsdschools.net            
    • Certified/Professional/Natasha Wright                          (843)899-8624              wrightn@bcsdschools.net            
    • Classified/Temporary Employment/Holly Landry          (843)899-8574       landryh@bcsdschools.net            
    • Classified/Temporary Employment/Shalina Bradshaw (843)899-9014 bradshaw@bcsdschools.net 

    Technical Support/Application Assistance 

    Forgot the user name or email address used to create your application and now you cannot login?  Tried to login and received a message that your application already exists?

    Please click here to create a help desk ticket.  Please allow up to 24 hours to receive a response.

    Classified and Temporary Applicants

    Classified and temporary applicants are not required to have a clearance interview.  After applicants have submitted their application and all required documents, they may contact the location(s) they have applied to directly to request an interview.  Classified and temporary applicants will only be contacted by the district if selected for an interview.  
    The Berkeley County School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, color, disabilities, religion, national origin, military status, immigrant status or English-speaking status.  Inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies should be made to the Director of Human Resources.