• Office of Testing and Accountability

    The Office of Testing and Accountability provides multi-faceted support to Berkeley County School District as a whole and to its 47 schools individually. Inherent in each facet of this department’s responsibility is an expectation for legal compliance, ethical behavior, accuracy, and unbiased reporting.

    As the name implies, support is provided by the Office of Testing and Accountability for execution of various national, state, and local assessments. In particular, this office is responsible for the execution of state-mandated testing programs, district achievement and aptitude tests for placement of academically gifted students, and federally-required assessment of English learners. Additional information is provided on assessments that are overseen or supported by this Office under the heading Testing

    In its role as the “accountability arm” of the district, the Office of Testing and Accountability is responsible for the collection, analyses, dissemination and reporting of data used for federal and state accountability. Additional accountability information can be found under the heading Accountability.

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