Berkeley County Virtual Learning Programs

  • As part of our mission, the Berkeley County School District (BCSD) strives to facilitate and support student-driven learning experiences by unleashing the power and potential of education. Providing students with access to virtual learning will allow them to advance their education and participate in an instructional medium that is prevalent in today’s post-secondary institutions and workforce training opportunities.

    Students may use online options for initial credit or for credit recovery. The Guidance Department at each middle and high school has information for students and parents concerning virtual learning opportunities. Any virtual learning course must be approved at the school level before a student may enroll, please contact the student’s counselor first.

    In general, students registering for virtual learning courses should be self-motivated and strong, independent learners. To succeed in web-based courses, students should have basic keyboarding skills and be knowledgeable about web-based applications. Accessing the internet, sending and receiving emails including adding attachments, and utilizing basic word processing software are necessary skills to succeed as a virtual learner. Students should have successfully completed the prerequisite coursework prior to enrollment. Students must be active participants in all course activities and complete all work on time.  Successful virtual learners are generally very determined students who like to set their own goals and challenge themselves to meet them.

    About Berkeley County Virtual Learning Academy

    Berkeley County Virtual Learning Academy is a flexible learning opportunity available to district students who are rising 11th or 12th grade students. A fully virtual curriculum will be offered as a program-of-choice option to families with junior or senior students. Participation in the Berkeley County Virtual Learning Academy is limited and requires demonstrated success in a virtual environment and a commitment to a full academic year.

    • Virtual Academy students may participate in their home school's athletics and extra-curricular activities, as approved.
    • Eligible students may qualify to enroll in dual credit, Advanced Placement (AP), and advanced CTE courses with their home school. Courses are subject to availability.
    • Students are responsible for all transportation related to any non-virtual courses and on-site test administration.
    • Classes may be supplemented with a curriculum provided through district partnerships.


    Applications open for the 2023-2024 school year on March 20.  APPLY NOW

  • Students will learn via the online course platform five days per week. The Virtual Academy includes asynchronous (independent) and synchronous (live) activities.
  • Beyond typical class activities, students will interact with classmates via chat and discussion boards and collaborate on course projects.
  • Teachers will consistently communicate and connect with families in much the same way as in a classroom setting. Students qualifying for IEP or ELL services will be supported by their school of record, per the team's recommendations.
  • Virtual students will learn and interact with the same curriculum as their peers through, engaging in high-quality, authentic learning experiences from home.
  • MATH Algebra 2, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Math
  • English English 3, English 4, Grammar A /B, Journalism 1
  • Social Studies US History , Am. Government, Economics
  • Science Chemistry, Forensic Science, Environmental Science
  • Electives Fundamentals of Computing, Fundamentals of Web Page Design and Development, Computer Forensics, IT Fundamentals, Music Appreciation, Personal Finance, Spanish I, Spanish II

    * Additional electives as needed
    * Course offerings subject to change