•  August This month will be set aside for each school to introduce its program and expectations for the school year.  Many schools have developed schoolwide themes to address character education (i.e. Peaceful Fawns, Star Students, etc).  Flexibility for introduction and implementation will be granted to individual schools.
     September Respect---to show regard or consideration for authority, for other people, for self, for property and for country.  Understanding that all people have value as human beings.
    October  Responsibility---reliability or dependability in carrying out one’s obligations and duties to others and within their community; being accountable for your own actions.
     November Citizenship---the positive character of an individual viewed as a member of society who carries out the obligations and duties associated with being a citizen.
     December Generosity---a willingness to give to others.
    January  Self discipline---discipline and training of one’s self for improvement.
     February Kindness & Compassion---Being courteous, considerate and helpful to others; treating others as you would like to be treated; showing sympathy and concern for others.
     March Perseverance---being persistent in one’s efforts to
    accomplish a purpose or goal despite difficulty or obstacles; willingness to try again despite mistakes and failures.
     April Honesty& Integrity---truthful in all
    things; acting in a way that is fair, just and moral.
    May Fairness & Cooperation---a relationship with another that results in feelings of caring, support and helping the other person to be their best.