Home Schooling Information

  • Students and parents interested in homeschooling have three options in South Carolina.

    Home School Option 3 (most popular)

    With Homeschool Option 3, parents may choose a home school association with no fewer than 50 members and meets the home school requirements. The parents or guardians select the particular home schooling option that is best for the children.


    Home School Option 2 (South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools)

    Under Option Two, parents may home school their children with the support of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools.


    Once a student is accepted and enrolled in a home school association (Option 3 or Option 2), the parent must notify their child's school in order to complete withdrawal procedures. Parents may complete the BCSD Home School Notification Form (linked below) or submit association enrollment verification to the school with an accompanied BCSD school withdrawal form.

    Documents may also be sent to Administrative Services & Student Assignment Fax:  843-899-8383 or email:  swaine@bcsdschools.net

    PDF - Home School Notification Form (Option 3 or Option 2 ONLY)


    Home School Option 1 (BCSD)

    Students and parents interested in home schooling through Berkeley County School District must be home schooled by their legal guardian.  Parents must have a high school diploma or GED in order to home school their child.  Parents interested in Homeschool Option 1 must complete the Home School Option 1 Application below and send all required documents to Administrative Services & Student Assignment, Fax:  843-899-8383 or email:  swaine@bcsdschools.net

    The Board must review and approve all applications for Home School Option 1 before the student may withdraw from their school or begin home schooling.  All completed applications upon receipt are sent to the Board for approval and may take up to two months for review. 

    PDF - Home School Option 1 Application

Virtual Learning

  • Berkeley County School District has partnered with Low Country Education Consortium to provide a virtual / online program called Low Country Virtual. Students in grades 4-8 residing in Berkeley County are invited to apply.  

    Low Country Virtual is a collaborative effort between multiple school districts in South Carolina that have a common goal- to develop high-quality virtual/online learning programs that meet the National Standards for Quality (NSQ), the gold standard for online learning programs.  Instruction consists of both live online lessons with teachers as well as independent work that is provided via an online learning platform. Enrolling in this program allows students to receive daily instruction in their own home with the exception of reporting to the local school site to take required state and district assessments - typically just a few times a year.

    You can read more about the program via this website https://lowcountryvirtual.org or by emailing Jenna Wells (wellsjenna@bcsdschools.net)  or Low Country Virtual (LCVinfo@lowcountryvirtual.org).   Enrollment for this program is limited and subject to review. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  


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