•  School Social Work Services
    in the Berkeley County Schools

    School Social Workers
    serve as liaisons between the home, school and community. Working to promote students’ access to educational services, academic and personal success, SSWs provide direct services to students and their families.

    School Social Workers are the ONLY school professionals that routinely make home visits an integral component of services they provide to children and families. Additionally, they advocate for and with parents to increase involvement and improve understanding of their child’s education.

    Our School Social Workers collaborate with professionals in the educational system and community to develop and implement effective programming to meet the academic, behavioral and social needs of students.

    Upon referral, our School Social Workers work diligently to provide students and families with access to basic needs such as clothing, food, financial assistance, mental health services, and medical services. Much of the work School Social Workers do is behind the scenes or confidential in nature and is always approached with the intent of recognizing the strengths and potential of the children and families served.

    Social Workers can:

    • Collaborate with multi-disciplinary team
    •   Participate in crisis intervention and response
    •  Conduct home visits
    • Facilitate conflict resolution
    • Conduct group counseling
    •  Consult with teachers and counselors
    • Dropout prevention
    •   Coordinate school and community services
    •  Facilitate staff development on federal and state statutes


     Office of Operations and Administration