• BCSD School Counseling Program Services
    A comprehensive developmental School Counseling program is an essential component of the total instructional program, which provides all students the opportunity for optimum development. Our program components organize the work of school counselors into activities and services. The components are as follows:

    Guidance Curriculum includes structured experiences presented systematically through classroom and group activities from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. The curriculum emphasizes choice making, self-understanding, career exploration and preparation, and the improvement of study skills.

    Individual Planning includes counseling activities to assist all students to plan, monitor, and manage their own academic achievement as well as their personal and career development. Individual planning emphasizes test interpretation, informal counseling, educational counseling including pre-college and post-secondary vocational-technical planning, and career planning.

    Responsive Services includes counseling or referral activities to meet the immediate needs and concerns of students. Responsive services includes personal counseling; crisis counseling; agency referral; consultation with parents, teachers, and other professionals, support groups; and problem solving.

    System Support includes indirect guidance management activities that maintain and enhance the total guidance program. Responsibilities in this component include staff and community relations, special research projects, committees, professional development, and student support.

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