• Student Services are centered on programs that encourage the highest level of achievement through student growth in personal/social, academic, and health services.
    As advocates for all students, Student Services Professionals partner with educators, parents, and community members to create a safe and caring environment in which all students in Berkeley County are empowered with the knowledge and skills to contribute as productive members of society.

District News


    2015 RAMP Recipients 
    Westview Middle School (Re-RAMP)

    2013 RAMP Recipients
    Cane Bay High School
    Westview Middle School
    Sangaree Elementary

    2012 RAMP Recipients
    Berkeley High School
    Goose Creek Primary School
    Macedonia Middle School
    Marrington Elementary School
    Sangaree Middle School

    2011 RAMP Recipients 
    Berkeley Middle School
    College Park Elementary School
    Daniel Island School
    Hanahan Elementary School
    Hanahan Middle School
    Hanahan High School
    Stratford High School