•  Project Completed

    Project Scope: 
    • New Elementary School: approx. 105,500 SF.
    • Completion Date : June 2015
    • Contract Sum to Date: $19,555,110.00
    • Expected Student Population: 900 
    The Architect for the Project: 
    Ms. Sandrine Danielson
    LS3P Associates
    205 ½ King Street, Charleston, SC 29401
    (o) 843-577-4444
    (f) 843-722-4789
    The Contractor for the Project:  
    Mr. Greg Hughes, President
    P.O. Box 269
    Ballentine, South Carolina 29002
    (o) 803 781-7058
    Current Project Status:
    On June 29th, BCSD held its ribbon cutting ceremony for Nexton Elementary and will open its doors to students on the first day of school, August 17, 2015. 

    Nexton Ribbon Cutting