Special Services Community Events

    Local & state-wide events for students & families.
  • Goose Creek Recreation believes that every person should be able to participate in recreation activities with no issues, barriers, or hindrances. Their programs take an inclusive approach that provides a positive environment for every participant to learn a new skill or sport, be more active, develop skills and most importantly, have fun!  Check out their webpage for a variety of programs and activities!

    Summerville Miracle League - Therapeutic Baseball 
    The goal of the Summerville Miracle League is to enhance the lives of people with special needs. This will be accomplished primarily through the national pastime of baseball, but will also include other activities which will bring together our athletes and their families in a positive and enriching way.  Visit their web page for local events.
    Rockstar Cheer: The A Team - Exhibition Cheer Team
    FREE Program to ANY athlete with special needs.  Team practices one hour per week in Summerville and competes in Myrtle Beach three times a year.  Call (843-996-6449) or email (info@rockstarchs.com) for more information.
    Mt. Pleasant Recreation Committee - Therapeutic & Unified Sports
    Therapeutic Recreation is born from the idea that EVERY member of the community has the right to leisure, no matter ability level.  The Unified Athletic League offers the opportunity for all youth and adults to play on a sports team.  It joins both youth and adults with disabilities--and those without--for training and to play together as a team.  Smaller fields and modified equipment may be used, as needed, to ensure fairness and safety for all participants.  Ages 5-12 and 13-Adult.  Contact Shelli Davis for more information: (843) 884-2528 or sdavis@tompsc.com
    The Children's Museum is open before hours from 10:00 - 12:00 pm the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month for children with special needs and their families to visit the Museum for FREE.  Children are able to explore and play in the Museum without the crowds and over-stimulation.  This program is FREE, but registration is required (visit the web page to register online).