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    LET 1 Syllabus

    The JROTC Curriculum prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while instilling an appreciation for the rights and privileges of American Citizenship. The program is a stimulus for promoting graduation and provides opportunities that will benefit the cadet, the school, and the community. There is no military obligation attached to participation in the US Army JROTC program.
    The Hanahan High School JROTC program provides a structured classroom environment on Monday & Tuesday each week that devotes a large percentage of time to "learn by doing" activities. The coursework in JROTC is divided into four Leadership, Education, and Training (LET) levels that correspond to the four years of high school. LET 4 & 5 cadets will conduct instruction for the LET 1 cadets at the discretion of the Instructors. All four levels consist of several sub-courses that are built around the following topics:
    ·     Leadership and Leadership Lab (Theory and Application)
    ·     Citizenship, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights
    ·     Communication and Human Behavior
    ·     Health and First Aid
    ·     History & Contributions of the U.S. Army
    ·     Cadet Challenge (Physical Fitness Program)
    ·     Map Reading & Geography
    ·     Service Learning and Applied Citizenship
    One day a week, Wednesday, is devoted to uniform wear and inspection followed by practice in drill and ceremony. These sessions are designed to evaluate the student’s attention to detail and ability to observe set military standards.
    ·     The uniform worn on Wednesday will be worn all day unless previously coordinated with the JROTC Instructor.
    ·     If a cadet is not in school on the uniform day established it must be worn prior to the next week's uniform day to receive full credit. If a cadet is present for uniform day and fails to wear the uniform, they too have until the next uniform day to make up the grade with a penalty. The grade of zero will be entered into the cadet gradebook until the uniform grade is made up as aforementioned.
    ·     Failure to make up the missed uniform day on time will result in a zero for that respective grade.
    ·     Cadets who miss more than three uniform inspections in an academic semester/year can receive a failing grade for the course.
    ·     If you send the uniform to the cleaners, please plan to have it ready for wear on Wednesday. Cadets are issued the uniform at no cost to their parents, guardian, or the school; but cost for laundry and dry cleaning are the responsibility of the cadets.
    ·     The uniform belongs to the US Army; any uniform items that are lost, stolen or damaged require reimbursement to the United States Government.
    ·     The uniform worn by the cadets is the same as the one worn by the US Army and Army National Guard. Because of this, both US Army/National Guard active and veteran members in the community expect to see the uniform worn properly and the cadets to present a neat, well-groomed appearance while in the uniform.
    ·     Cadets not willing to conform to JROTC standards as outlined on this website and by Cadet Command Regulation 145-2 will have the uniform taken from them and receive a grade of zero for each uniform grade remaining in the school term.
    An additional day per week, Thursday, is devoted to physical training and individual fitness activities. These sessions are designed to improve the student’s overall health and develop confidence in their ability to perform physical tasks.

    Finally a day, Friday, is devoted to leadership application. These sessions are designed to provide optimum opportunities to direct, execute and supervise group activities.

    Grades are determined using the Berkeley School District grading scale:

    100 - 90 = A
      89 - 80 = B
      79 - 70 = C
      69 - 60 = D
      59 - 0 =   F

    LET 1 grades will be determined using the following categories:


    Test/Practical Exercises = 15%
    Quiz/Articles = 10%
    Uniform Inspection = 25%
    Leadership Lab = 25%
    Physical Training = 25%


    Cadets with excused absences will be allowed to make up missed work. Physical Training (PT) and Leadership Lab grades will be awarded to all cadets who dress out and/or participate. Missed PT and Leadership Lab days are not required to be made up, cadet will be exempt for that particular grade.


    Easy tips for cadets to remember and incorporate into their JROTC experience:

    • Wear the JROTC Uniform every Wednesday unless otherwise directed by an instructor only.
    • Participate in Physical Training.
    • Participate in Drill & Ceremony.
    • Participate in Leadership Lab.
    • Cadets must adhere to published standards for wearing the military uniform.
    • Cadet leadership must be respected and obeyed.
    • Class is dismissed by the Army instructor and not the bell.

    Extracurricular Activities:

    Hawk Battalion Drill Team
    Hawk Battalion Color Guard
    Hawk Battalion Rifle Team
    Hawk Battalion Raider Team

    While not a requirement for successful completion of JROTC, extracurricular activities are an important part of our overall program. Extracurricular activities give students the opportunity to be productive members of a group and to develop teamwork and leadership skills needed later in life. The members of the JROTC special teams attend JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge, march in local parades, or take part in various fund-raising activities and community service. All of the Hawk Battalion Special Teams are competitive and compete in competitions throughout South Carolina. Cadets can earn a block “H” varsity letter participating in extracurricular activities. Each of the teams practice before school several days each week during their season. Competitions occur on Saturday. Both males and females may participate in all JROTC extracurricular activities.

    Hawk Battalion website: http://bcsdschools.net/Domain/1759

    CSM Ronaldo Jordan
    Hanahan HS Army JROTC Army Instructor
    843-820-3710, Ext. 2211