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The JROTC program is a regular three or four year high school course with regular classes during regular school hours. But when it comes to benefiting the students in your school, you’ll find it’s in a class by itself.


  • Better learning. JROTC curriculum takes students beyond normal classroom learning. It builds the discipline, confidence and belief that they can do whatever they set their minds to. The results can be dramatic.
  • Better grades. How does JROTC impact a student’s other classes? By developing self-motivation, and ability to focus and the desire to excel. This all adds up to better grades.
  • Better graduation rates. The newly won discipline and confidence of JROTC students often helps learning and education to become enjoyable and fun. In fact, at some schools, JROTC seniors graduate at a rate that’s 20% higher than other seniors.
  • Better school community. Difference is an asset in JROTC classes. Students on different learning tracks, as well as students from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, work together to learn and grow.
  • Better involvement. Extracurricular activities in JROTC present a unique mixture of challenges and accomplishments which go beyond normal school activities.
  • Better Citizens. JROTC offers many opportunities for students to participate in service learning, leading them to a practical understanding of good citizenship.


You should know that JROTC is not a recruitment program, nor do students have any obligation to enter the military. It simply utilizes the military structure as a vehicle to develop and improve students’ self-discipline, confidence and pride in ways schools generally don’t offer.


JROTC uses a unique but proven approach to guide students toward success in high school and beyond.


  • Training. JROTC students develop leadership, excellence and confidence from direct hands-on skills and values training. Rising through JROTC ranks, students experience success firsthand. Goal setting, winning habits and problem solving become second nature.
  • Rewarding. Students reinforce their own excellence and accomplishment, both in JROTC training and other classes, by earning promotions, uniform ribbons and appointments to teams and color guards.
  • Role-modeling. Integrity. Discipline. Commitment. Respect. Having served in our country’s military, JROTC instructors embody the values they teach.
  • Mentoring. Instructors are utilizing their extensive experience of working closely with young people, one-on-one guidance, and personalized instruction. This approach helps meet the specific needs of each student.
  • Perfecting. JROTC students sharpen their leadership and confidence skills with extracurricular activities. Drill, Rifle, Raider and Academic teams, color guard and summer camp challenge them to use class room lessons as part of a team. In addition, students become positive representatives of their schools and communities.


It builds confidence and character. Character. Confidence. Leadership. That’s Army JROTC training. While nothing worthwhile is ever easy, uncovering the leadership qualities and personal skills already living within you pays off big time, both in the present – and in the future. JROTC helps you discover the quiet confidence and inner strength that make goals reality.


It’s like playing on a winning team. Team work. That’s the feeling in JROTC. All members working together toward the same goals. A friendly push when you need it – a pat on the back when you deserve it. Then returning the favor. Because when one team member succeeds, the whole team does. It’s a different kind of peer pressure.


It’s more than a regular class. While JROTC is given during regular high school hours, it is not taught like a regular class. Sure, you’ll learn the basics – history, government, technology awareness, and current events – but every lesson is geared toward building leadership and personal skills. You’ll understand how to motivate others, and strengthen your own ability to study, take tests, and interview for jobs. Real skills that you can use after high school.


Questions People Ask:


  1. You say you’re not recruiting, but don’t many JROTC graduates enter the military?
  2. Many cadets find they enjoy military discipline and structure; it brings out their best and allows them to excel. Some win appointments to one of many military academies, and those who enlist can enter military service at a higher rank and pay grade. The JROTC program is not set up to recruit and does not request or expect a military commitment of any kind.


  1. Can JROTC help student go to college?
  2. We definitely can help. JROTC training improves the ability to study, take tests and to set goals.


  1. Do cadets have to wear uniforms?
  2. Yes, but usually only once a week, or when taking part in special ceremonies. The rest of the time, normal clothing is fine.


  1. Are there any fees for uniforms, books, or special equipment?
  2. The JROTC program supplies uniforms, books and all equipment used in the course, free of charge. The only charge to the student is the cost of the JROTC T-Shirt that is worn on Friday’s for PT.


  1. Is JROTC as hard as it sounds?
  2. The course is demanding, but most of the students who make an effort really enjoy the challenge and thrive on the hard work and discipline.


  1. Who teaches JROTC?
  2. Retired Army personnel with years of experience working with young people. Instructors are certified by the Army, but they are hired by and work for the school. Besides having state-of-the-art instruction techniques at their command, JROTC instructors serve as exceptional role models for maturing teenagers.


  1. Where can I get more information about JROTC?
  2. The guidance counselor at the school or the JROTC instructors will be happy to meet with you and answer any questions.


  1. Do I have to get a haircut?
  2. Yes, but we are not looking for a real short cut, as long as your hair is off your ears and collar.


  1. If I take JROTC do I also have to take PE?
  2. No, JROTC 1/ Health gives you your PE requirement for graduation.



The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to become better citizens.