• There is an annual selection of new members that takes place during the second semester
    Only students who have attended the school for the equivalent of at least one semester may be considered for membership. Membership is open to sophomores and juniors. 
    Students are invited to apply for membership based on a GPA of 4.1 or higher
    Invitations are sent out to candidates notifying them when applications for membership are available to be picked up.  For further consideration for selection each candidates has three weeks to return a completed application to the advisors room by the date indicated on the application form. These application forms must be signed by both the student and the parent. Application forms that need to be revised will be returned to the candidate with a letter that identifies which of the items need attention.  Revised forms are due back within three days of notification.
    All applications will be read by each member of the faculty council. The Faculty Council will meet to review, deliberate and vote on each candidate. In evaluating potential members the faculty council will consider scholarship, leadership, service and character. Those candidates that receive the majority of the votes will be invited to be inducted in to the chapter.  All candidates identified as “not selected” will be notified.
    Formal notification to all selected candidates and their parents will be given in writing with information about the induction ceremony.  Selected members need to verify their acceptance of the invitation for membership as well as attendance at the induction ceremony and enclose membership payment.