CP Biology 1          General Course Information
    Mrs. Battista
    Science Department
    Textbook and Other Required Materials:
    • Biology (Miller and Levine) Textbook
    • 3-ring subject dividers (3 sections: Vocabulary, Notes, and Class Work/Homework)
    • Paper, Pen, & Pencil
    • 3-ring one inch binder (only used for this class)
    • Colored Pencils
    End of Course (EOC) Test:

    All students have been issued a copy of the State Standards for Biology.  

    The EOC Test is given towards the end of a semester to ensure that students have mastered the course content.  The test contains 60 multiple choice questions (approximately 10 questions per standard) plus field tested questions.

    The End of Course Test counts as 20% of the final grade.