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    Posted by Tabitha Bryant on 9/16/2019

    The primary role of the School Counseling Department related to scholarships is to promote awareness of opportunities available to you. The criteria for the majority of scholarships have been determined by outside organizations and colleges. We will be happy to assist you in processing scholarship applications as needed.

    Pay attention to deadlines. Usually, the deadline listed for a scholarship is the final date the organization must have received ALL PARTS of the application packet. Most of the applications can be accessed through the websites, but if there is only a paper application, those will be available in the School Counseling Office.  

    Information on available scholarships can be found HERE and/or in the filing cabinet drawer labeled Scholarships 2018-2019 in the School Counseling Office. Don't hesitate to contact the School Counseling office with any questions. Good luck!


    Scholarship Resources - These resources are not developed by Stratford High School but are for your information.

    www.che.sc.gov - South Carolina scholarships, list of eligible majors for endorsement

    www.militaryscholar.org - scholarships for military children

    www.payforcollegeresource.com - Sallie Mae sponsored destination to help students and families figure out how to pay for college

    cappex.com/scholarships - scholarship search platform

    studentscholarships.org - scholarship search platform and listing

    fastweb.com - scholarship search platform

    highfivescholarships.com - scholarship search platform

    goodcall.com/education/scholarship-guide - scholarship facts and information

    scholarshipguidance.com - lists scholarships with due dates

    collegeweeklive.com/scholarships - scholarships listing by college and monthly drawing

    www.raise.me/join/stratford-high - allows students to earn mini-scholarships for select colleges

    www.facebook.com/college.scholarships/ - scholarship listing

    www.imagine-america.org/ - scholarship search

    http://sctrec.org/opportunities-to-connect - scholarship opportunities through Trident Regional Education Center

    scholarships.com - scholarship search platform

    https://app.goingmerry.com/sign-up - scholarship search platform


    Events & Information:

    Class of 2020 Graduates: Submit to the School Counseling Office all college acceptance letters and scholarship offers as you receive them. These letters/documents should be from any and all organizations, not just the one you plan to attend. Click here to upload your information or bring it by the office.

    The College Board has launched an exciting new scholarship program, the College Board Opportunity Scholarships, that guides students through the college planning process and offers them multiple chances to earn money for college during their junior and senior years of high school. Click here to explore the benefits of using the College Board to help in college planning.

    Achieve your Family's College Dream! Get free access to The SC Student Loan College Planning Center, an online application that provides expert guidance to plan and finance the best college fit for everyone in your family. Sign up at scstudentloan.org.

    Scholarship newsletter from studentscholarships.org 

    SC•WINS is a statewide sector strategy technical college scholarship program designed to address workforce shortages in South Carolina. The scholarship supplements lottery tuition assistance to help cover any tuition and mandatory fees left after applying for all other scholarships or grants. Click here for detailed information regarding criteria for eligibility.

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