• Sign-up to be a Volunteer!
    Have a little extra time? We would love to see your smiling faces and I bet your children would enjoy seeing you at school. Marrington Elementary has many opportunities to volunteer and our #1 priority is safety. All volunteers must complete a background check at bcsdvolunteers.com prior to volunteering. 
    Ways to Volunteer: 
    Wednesday folders: Students get paperwork sent home once a week. The volunteers take the time each Wednesday morning after the school day starts to stuff the folders for the teachers. The more volunteers the faster we can get done!
    Copies: To help with the teacher’s workload, we make their copies. We make A LOT of copies, so any time you can volunteer is helpful.
    1st grade: On Friday’s (12:30 pm), 1st grade store is where the children can buy items with the money they earn in their classroom during the week. The children LOVE this and our volunteers make it fun. 
    2nd grade: Mrs. Gregorich's class also has a school store every other Friday. The children earn money during their money unit and buy items from the store. This is a great way to interact with the children, while they learn how to handle money. 
    Picture day: Volunteers help walk the children to and from their class, as well as get them situated for the perfect pose. This can be a chaotic day, but with volunteer help it runs smoothly!
    Book Fair: Volunteers assist with set up, classroom book sales, helping children make wish lists, book fair family night, and clean up. Without our volunteers the book fair would not be a success.
    Potluck lunches for teachers: Quarterly, volunteers will be providing a potluck lunch for the teachers to enjoy in the cafeteria, while we help monitor their students. The teachers will remain present to maintain a consistent environment of authority while they enjoy their lunch. 
    Fundraising:  We will hold various events and fundraisers throughout the year to help our school earn extra money for various needs. We appreciate your participation to help make these events successful and fun for everyone. 
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