• Bienvenidos a la clase de español



    1.  Bring all books and materials to class - students not having required materials will be unable to complete class work

         and may receive a zero.

    2.  Be seated and have all materials ready to use when the bell rings.

    3.  Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    4.  Follow instructions the first time they are given.

    5.  Personal grooming will be done only in the restroom.

    6.  Cursing and profanity have no place in the classroom.

    7.  Dishonesty of any sort: lying, cheating, copying, borrowing on a no-return basis (stealing) will not be tolerated.

    8.  Show respect for others at all times.

    9.  Follow all Berkeley County School District and Stratford High School rules and regulations.



    For most infractions I give written detentions, which must be returned to me, completed as instructed and signed by a parent/guardian. Please feel free to comment.  Discipline referrals to the office will be issued according to the Berkeley County student behavior rules in the handbook.  Students will also be required to sign the class tardy book.  Please pay particular attention to the tardy policy.

    1st tardy           Verbal warning/detention

    2nd tardy          Written detention and parent notification

    3rd tardy          Discipline referral to administrator for ISS

    4 or more         Discipline referral to administrator for ISS or OSS


    *The teacher will automatically refer a student to an administrator under intolerable circumstances.



    Parents/Guardians will be contacted several times during the course. They will receive:

    1.   An introductory letter and a copy of the Class Information Sheet.

    2.   Parents/guardians will have access to through the Parent Portal in Power School, which allows them

         to closely monitor their child’s progress.

    3.       Progress reports and report cards every grading period.

    4.       Occasionally, a detailed print out, prior to the official school progress report/report card, of ALL grades comprising the grade on the progress report/report card, will be sent home for your perusal and signature.

    5.       Telephone calls and/or e-mail concerning student's performance/behavior when necessary/requested.



    Students will be graded as follows with class participation in all areas considered:

                                                                 SPANISH II / III

                            Homework                          10%                    

                            Class Work/Part.                20%

                            Quizzes                                          30%

                                        Tests                                  40%


    FINAL GRADE:       

    45% of first nine weeks grade 

    45% of second nine weeks grade         

    10% final comprehensive exam**


    **SENIORS may exempt the final comprehensive exam if they meet all criteria necessary.                                                                                        


    Grading System:           A          93-100             D          70-76

                                        B          85-92               F          below 70

                                        C          77-84                          


    ·         Homework –In the event that a formal homework assignment is not given - vocabulary study should be encouraged.  Homework is graded for completeness.  Generally, I do not grade for accuracy as we always go over homework - occasionally we will grade homework/class work for accuracy and this will be counted as a quiz grade.  I never assign work that the students have not previously covered.  In the event that a student has difficulty with part of a homework assignment, all they have to do is let me know before school and we will work on it together.  (COMMUNICATION!!)  Every homework assignment not completed, results in a drop in the homework portion of their grade.  Homework is the only portion of a student’s grade in which they have 100% control.

    ·         Class Work – includes speaking, listening, viewing, oral practice, repetition, reading, answering and asking questions in the target language. Speaking/conversation/communication is the most important aspect of learning a foreign language and participation in all activities is a considerable portion of the class work grade.

    ·         Quizzes - will be given on information covered previously in class and are graded for accuracy.  Written quizzes will be returned to the students and should be recorded by the student and if the student is keeping the quiz, it should be placed in the quiz section of their notebooks.  Oral quizzes will be given periodically and the grade recorded (P.B.A).  As stated, occasionally class work &/or homework may be graded for accuracy and counted as a quiz grade.

    ·         Tests - are given at the end of each instructional chapter, as well as each unit.   Tests are returned to students for review, and should be recorded by the students. The tests are then filed by the teacher.

    ·         Project [at teacher's discretion] - Students may be required to complete a culture project or any other project concerned to the theme study. Specific details will be provided at a later date.  The report will be graded using a rubric.  This will count as a TEST grade.



    The school's policy concerning make-up work will be strictly enforced.  If students miss class, for any reason, it is THEIR responsibility to make arrangements to make up the missed work within the five (5) days permitted.  Make-up work is very important.  Any work not made up will result in a zero for that quiz, test, home work or class work assignment.  This can be devastating to a student's grade. 

    Note:  Students attending FIELD TRIPS are not considered absent; therefore, they are responsible for all work as if present in class



    Extra help/tutoring is available every morning from 8:00 to 8:15  arrangements necessary. Help is also available after school Monday - Thursday, however, due to meetings and parent conferences, it is best if your child makes arrangements prior to staying after school. The phone number is 820-4000 Ext. 5521.  My e-mail address is dececcod@bcsdschools.net



    ORGANIZATION is one of the keys to success in foreign language study.  All students must have a binder, notebook paper (plenty to use thought the semester), black/blue pens or pencils for taking notes and a Spanish/English dictionary [NOT A POCKET DICTIONARY]. Bantam and University of Chicago are very good [avoid Webster’s they are very poor].