• Statement of Philosophy


    We, the Berkeley High School Counselors, believe that:


    • All students are individuals who have self worth and should be treated with respect and dignity
    • All students deserve an opportunity to reach their highest potential

    ·         Individual and cultural diversity contributes to an enriched society

    ·         A safe environment is essential to learning

    ·         Learning is a lifelong and progressive process for both students and faculty

    ·         Education is a cooperative effort among students, family, teachers, and the community

    • All students have a right to benefit from a comprehensive counseling program that is preventative in nature, responsive to student needs and developmentally appropriate
    • As leaders in our school we are student advocates and role models who will abide by the ethical guidelines and standards set forth by the American School Counseling Association


    The Berkeley High School Counseling Program will

    ·Be developmentally appropriate and preventative in nature

    ·Be responsive to student needs as indicated by the collection of data and recommendations by the faculty, community and students

    ·Be data driven and will take into consideration the ethnic, cultural, racialdifferences and the special needs of all students

    ·Be reevaluated yearly by the Guidance Advisory Council, Administration and Counselors

    The vision and mission of the counseling program includes the vision and mission of the Berkeley County School District which was developed to address the needs of all students.