• The Choral Booster Club


    As stated by the bylaws, the purposes of the organization are to provide organizational and financial support of the Cane Bay High School choral music ensembles; to promote and encourage school board, administrative, faculty, student, and community interest and support of the Cane Bay High School choral music department; to promote the development of student leadership and musicianship; to foster a closer relationship between home, student, and choral department faculty through parental involvement. Under the provisions specified in the bylaws, this organization is governed by the elected Executive Officers and the membership, with the cooperation of the school’s Choral Director. The Choral Booster Club operates strictly for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 © (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All parents and legal guardians are full, voting members of the organization.


    In support of the chorus director, the main functions of the Boosters are to:

    ·       Assist in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of a yearly budget for the Cane Bay Choral Program inclusive of student accounts and Chorus Booster funds.

    ·       Disseminate information to parents and chorus supporters.

    ·       Serve as a liaison between the school, school organizations, the community, and the local school board by collecting and disseminating information about chorus activities and achievements.

    ·       Coordinate fundraisers to provide monies for the choral program and to provide opportunities for students to offset their uniform purchase and participation in trips.

    ·       Make recommendations regarding a parental involvement/networking plan to ensure that all parents are informed about and have an opportunity for a meaningful input into Cane Bay High Chorus Booster decisions; and

    ·       Foster school spirit throughout the  Cane Bay community.



    The main purpose of student credits is to provide a means for students to accumulate the necessary monies for chorus related expenses. For that reason, it is necessary to establish a policy of how this money may be used within the chorus.  Student credits will normally come from Booster fundraisers.  

    The following are examples of how monies are to be used: 

    1. Uniforms ( Formal Dresses & Tuxedos), T-shirts, etc…
    2. Payment for chorus related trips.
    3. Money for chorus related expenses including student fees.
    4. Balances at the end of the year will be transferred to the students account for the following year. If a student graduates or drops out of the choir, monies can be transferred to a family member in the choir. If there is no family member in the choir any remaining balance will be transferred to the General Account. The Internal Revenue Service prohibits disbursing funds directly to the student or parents since we are a “Non Profit Organization”.
    5. Money within the account may be taken by Boosters to cover any outstanding balances.   (i.e. unpaid fundraising, damaged or lost equipment, etc…)
    6. Student must fill out a request for withdrawal form in order to use funds. No requests for withdrawals will be processed without this form. 


                          PAYMENT FOR FUNDRAISERS  

    1. Checks are to be made payable to Cane Bay High School Choral Booster Club (CBHSCBC).
    2. Any bank charges incurred for returned checks will be passed along to the responsible party on the check.
    3. No person will be able to participate in a fundraiser if there is a past due balance from a previous fundraiser.  If payment has not been made within ninety days after the fundraiser, the outstanding balance will be turned over to a collection agency and you will also be responsible for any additional charges from the agency.