The Robert Shaw Choral Award

    Conductor Robert Shaw is widely regarded as one of the greatest choral conductors of all time. His work in choral music helped to grow choral music in America and open doors to other countries through music. The Robert Shaw Choral Award is given to the most outstanding senior who has demonstrated exceptional musicianship, leadership and commitment to the Cane Bay Choirs.

    2011: Haley Chears
    2012: Joshua Overby
    2013: Brandon Hansborough
    2014: Christopher Prohaska
    2015: Andreas Tsakanias
    2016: Chance Polic
    2017: Brianna Pimentel
    2018: Jackson Murray
    2019: Ashleigh Allen

    Male and Female Vocalist of the Year Award
    This is awarded to the most outstanding singers for the year.  Recipients of this award participate in All-county, All-State and other honor choirs across the country.  They also serve as leaders in the Choir and participate in other events throughout the year such as solo and ensemble festival, school and community musicals, church choirs, and other musical ensembles.
    2008-2009: Jt Holmes (9), Haley Chears (10)
    2009 - 2010: Joshua Overby (10), Haley Chears (11)
    2010 - 2011: Joshua Overby (11), Mary Ott (9)
    2011 - 2012: Michael Owens (10), Haley Fowler (12)
    2012 - 2013:  Michael Owens (11), Monika Anderson (10)
    2013 - 2014: Michael Owens (12), Mary Ott (12)
    2014 - 2015: Chance Polic (11), Katelyn Hart (10) 
    2015 - 2016:  Reece Nix (12); Alexis Winslow (11)
    2016 - 2017: Jackson Murray (11), Isabella Wallace (11) 
    2017 - 2018: Keagan Ashalintubbi (12); Ashleigh Allen (11)
    2018 - 2019: Alex Strunk (11); Bridget Rockwell (12)

     All-state 2018:

    The Cane Bay High School Choirs are proud to announce that we had 22 students selected for the SC All-State Choirs!  These students competed against almost 1900 singers from across SC and were among the 20% of singers who were selected for the choirs.  They will travel to Winthrop University in March to participate in the All-State choir weekend. This is a huge honor for these singers!  They participated in a 2 part audition that requires them to sing their part in 5 voice ensemble (one person to a part) on a selected piece, then, as an individual singer, they are given 1 minute to study and sight sing an example of music that they have never seen before. Congratulations to the following students for their accomplishment!
    Ashleigh Allen 11
    Zion Alston 11
    Keagan Ashalintubbi 12
    Caprice Beckham 12
    Natasha Bell 11
    Justin Cardona 11
    Julia Douglas 11
    Zoreim Lara 11
    Caitlyn Liles 10
    Christian McClellan 10
    Jackson Murray 12
    Holly Rick 10
    Julia Rick 12
    Bridget Rockwell 11
    Bradley Shaak 11
    Jeff Simmons 11
    Alex Strunk 10
    Hannah Sturdivant 10
    Jacob Sturdivant 12
    Makayla Treadway 12
    Grace Wallace 10
    Isa Wallace 12


    We are so happy and excited for these students!  Thank you for all your help, dedication and support of the Cane Bay Choirs!