The Cane Bay High School Choirs are proud to announce that we had 22 students selected for the SC All-State Choirs!  These students competed against almost 1900 singers from across SC and were among the 20% of singers who were selected for the choirs.  They will travel to Winthrop University in March to participate in the All-State choir weekend. This is a huge honor for these singers!  They participated in a 2 part audition that requires them to sing their part in 5 voice ensemble (one person to a part) on a selected piece, then, as an individual singer, they are given 1 minute to study and sight sing an example of music that they have never seen before.  Please help me in congratulating the following students for their accomplishment!
    Ashleigh Allen 11
    Zion Alston 11
    Keagan Ashalintubbi 12
    Caprice Beckham 12
    Natasha Bell 11
    Justin Cardona 11
    Julia Douglas 11
    Zoreim Lara 11
    Caitlyn Liles 10
    Christian McClellan 10
    Jackson Murray 12
    Holly Rick 10
    Julia Rick 12
    Bridget Rockwell 11
    Bradley Shaak 11
    Jeff Simmons 11
    Alex Strunk 10
    Hannah Sturdivant 10
    Jacob Sturdivant 12
    Makayla Treadway 12
    Grace Wallace 10
    Isa Wallace 12

    All-State Weekend Rules and Guidelines

    1. Rehearsal Guidelines:

      1. Dress for rehearsals will be informal-regular school clothes. (Hats, sunglasses, or any other item that would interfere with rehearsal are prohibited. Only knee-length shorts are permitted.)

      2. No gum, no talking, no tobacco products!

      3. Each student is expected to devote his/her full attention to the director at all times in all rehearsals and performances.

      4. Each student must bring a pencil and his/her music to ALL rehearsals, even if the music is memorized.

      5. Each student will need a black folder for use at the concert.

    2. General Guidelines:

      1. Students will be dismissed from All-State participation on the following grounds:

        1. Vandalism of any kind- the student’s school will be held responsible for damages.

        2. Possession of drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

        3. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages.

      2. Disciplinary action, not excluding dismissal, will be taken on the following grounds:

    1. Failure to adhere to attendance, housing, and rehearsal regulations.

    2. Violation of curfew.

    3. Any behavior found to be unbecoming by the All-State chairperson or his/her representative.

    4. Cell Phones, I-pods, MP3 players, personal tape players, CD players or radios with headphones are not to be present during rehearsals. If a student is found to be in possession of these items during the rehearsal, the student's name will be taken and the director will be notified.  If the same student is found to be in possession of the items for a 2nd time, they will be removed from participation in the All-state Choirs, and will be turned over to their director as an "Auditing Singer"  

    5. Teachers are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their students throughout the entire All-State Weekend.

    1. Any dismissed student may cause his/her school to be suspended from participation for one year. An explanatory letter will be sent to the student’s parents, choral director, school principal and district administration.

    2. Members of the All-State Choirs will adhere to the following concert dress. All attire will be checked for compliance prior to the concert. Students not in compliance with the dress code WILL BE PROHIBITED FROM SINGING IN THE CONCERT and will put the school in jeopardy of suspension from All-State participation for one year.

      1. Men:  Dark dress suit or sport coat with dress pants (Khakis are acceptable), dress shirt with a collar, neck tie (long or bow tie acceptable), dress shoes and dress socks (boat shoes or Sperrys are acceptable with Khakis). No denim, no Toms, tennis/athletic shoes, or other footwear will be allowed.  Alternately, men May wear school’s tuxedo uniform consisting of a white tux shirt, black tie, black tux pants, tuxedo jacket, black socks, black dress shoes.

      2. Women:  medium to low-heeled dress shoes. Dressy dresses or dressy skirt with dressy blouse. The skirt or dress in length must fall BELOW THE BOTTOM OF THE KNEECAP (No cocktail or formal dresses allowed, no denim, no sequins.) No spaghetti straps on blouses or dresses allowed. No bare midriffs, no bare backs, and necklines should be modest and appropriate for a concert. No slits in dresses or skirts above the bottom of the knee cap.  Alternately, women may wear dark dress slacks with dressy blouse, Dark pantsuit/skirtsuit (skirt must reach the bottom of the knee cap) with modest footwear