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    Military & Family Life Counselor

    We are extremely pleased and fortunate to announce that Ms. Melanie Roberts will be at Marrington this school year. Ms. Roberts is a Military and Family Life Counselor whose primary objective is to support service members and their families. She specializes in child and youth behavioral issues, and her services are available at no cost. She will be offering individual and group sessions at Marrington in Room 401. Some of the specific concerns addressed by Ms. Roberts include:

    • School Adjustment
    • Deployment and Separation
    • Reunion Adjustment
    • Sibling and Parent-Child Communication
    • Behavioral Concerns
    • Fear, Grief and Loss
    • Daily Life Issues

    Ms. Robert’s services are confidential with the exception of duty-to-warn situations. In order to receive her services, a consent form must be signed by a parent or guardian. She is not able to work with students who are receiving counseling services outside of school.

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    Military OneSource

    Military OneSource specialty consultations on education can help you deal with topics such as tutoring, college admissions and more. A specialty consultation is an online or telephonic meeting between eligible individuals and specialists with education expertise. To schedule a consultation, visit http://militaryonesource.mil or call 800-342-9647 and ask to speak with an education consultant.