• JS2S

    Junior Student-to-Student (JS2S) Program

    Imagine moving to a new school, in a new town. Imagine walking into a school for the first time. You do not know anyone. You do not know your way around the school. You do not know anything about the new school’s academic requirements. Everything at your new school seems very different from your old school. How will you ever figure things out and find a place to fit in?

    Junior Student 2 Student (JS2S) is rooted in the belief that transitioning, moving from school-to-school or city-to-city, does not have to be difficult—just different. After a core group of a school’s students and adults go through a JS2S training, the school will have a team that trains other students to actively assist incoming and exiting students in three areas: Finding the Way, Academics, and Relationships. Incoming students quickly feel welcomed, comfortable, included, and accepted into their new school community. For the exiting student, the team helps prepare them for their transition to another school.

    JS2S is designed to help change a transitioning student’s focal point from what has or will be lost to what the student will gain through the relocation. JS2S guides students through their uncertain surroundings, offering – from a peer viewpoint – valued information, friendship and assistance in the areas that matter most.

    The Junior Student 2 Student (JS2S) meets very real transitioning student needs with:

                            Immediate peer credibility

                            Positive peer relationships

                            Valued information

    The program is designed around 3 researched based training modules:

      • Finding the Way (Campus, Culture, and Community)
        • How do I get around the campus? What do kids my age do here? What is unique about this community?
      • Academics (Requirements, Processes, Program Access)
        • What are the campus policies and requirements (eg., dress, homework)? What are the processes unique to the new school (eg., grade scale, teaming, calendar)? How do I gain access to special programs (eg., Pre-AP, GT, AVID, SPED)?
      • Relationships (Acceptance, Trust, Attributes )
        • What can you do to make students feel accepted? How do you establish trust? What are the risk and rewards of new relationships?

    JS2S Program Objective:

    To provide the student who is relocating with the critical edge for a successful transition.

    What is the purpose of JS2S?

    • To rapidly meet the transitioning students’ critical needs.
    • To quickly bring transitioning students relevant information from a credible, relatable source: another student.
    • To immediately establish a peer relationship thereby helping students to gain greater confidence, enhance their comfort level, and increase their sense of well being while they adjust to their new environment.