• Digital Citizenship Program

    What is it?

    As part of BCSD's One Berkeley Connect initiative, a component of Daniel Island School's curriculum is Digital Citizenship lessons in grades K-8.  Berkeley County School District is utilizing the Digital Citizenship Curriculum provided by Common Sense Media. The Common Sense Media Curriculum for Digital Citizenship is a free online resource and is necessary to guide students toward responsible and safe navigation of digital media. Each lesson is age appropriate and supports a cross curricular framework that addresses topics such as privacy and security, digital footprint, creative credit and copyright, online identity, communication, information literacy, internet safety, and cyberbullying. Each grade in a grade band has 5 lessons, as well as an unit assessment.

    Our hope is that the Digital Citizenship curriculum provides parents, students, and faculty with resources to help with parenting, teaching, living, and leading responsibly in a digital world.

    Who is it for?

    1. Students - Daniel Island currently integrates digital citizenship through teacher presentations and discussions, prior to integrating technology into their classroom.  This is a vital piece because our students are equipped with the latest in educational and communication devices. They use these devices as part of 21st century living and learning, so it is important to teach them how to use it appropriately.  Moving forward, our goal is to further blend information on responsible online behavior into our daily teachings and assemblies.

    2. Parents - Parents are an important piece in the success of educating students on responsible digital citizenship. As students engage in Digital Citizenship lessons in the classroom, parents should receive at least one Parent Tips sheet that correlates to the topic being studied in the classroom.  We will also host Parent Q&A sessions on the different topics of Digital Citizenship.  Consequently, students and parents will be learning side by side about how to be responsible, safe, and productive 21st century digital citizens.

    3. Community - We feel that the community is an invaluable resource to our Daniel Island School family. We plan to bring in local community members to present on related topics and help show our students, parents, and faculty how to use these digital tools.


    You can find more information about Internet safety by visiting the links below.

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