• Gifted and Talented Academic Program                          

    Daniel Island School is proud to employ teachers who have received special training to meet the needs of our gifted students. Teachers take two courses, Nature and Needs of Gifted and Talented Children and Educational Procedures/Intro to Curriculum for GT in order to receive the GT Endorsement.

    Serving students in grades three through eight, Gifted/Talented classes are designed to challenge and stimulate gifted students, maximizing their potential by providing programs and services within the context of a rigorous curriculum.  All students placed in GT classes will have met the criteria to be identified for the state-funded gifted and talented program or will have met specific qualifications according to a rubric.

    There is no summer testing for the Gifted and Talented Program.  When you register, you will need to send your child’s academic information to the GT coordinator, Mr. Blanchard, to evaluate to see if your child qualifies for GT.  Using the guidelines, he will determine if additional testing is needed. Please email Richard Blanchard at blanchardr@bcsdschools.net (Phone: 843-899-8326; Fax: 843-899-8790)and include your child’s name, grade level for the 2017-18 school year, the name of your previous school, Date of Birth, parent name and contact info and mention if you are in the active duty military.   If sending a fax, please email or call to let us know a fax is sent.
    Academic Program Referral
    Administrators, parents, teachers, and students may refer students for screening for the gifted program.  Initial testing will take place during the Fall. Because the screening process is multi-faceted and some students may require additional testing, final results may not be available until May. Parents will be notified of screening results by the close of the school year.
    All second-grade students are screened through census testing. Only those students who have met the eligibility requirements will be notified by the district.

    Students Transferring into Berkeley County

    From South Carolina Districts: Students determined to be eligible for gifted in any district in South Carolina remain eligible in Berkeley County Schools. Prior to starting school, please submit all Gifted and Talented documentation, profiles and past report cards by fax to Richard Blanchard, the Coordinator of GT Instruction and Accountability at (843) 899-8790 and Hallie Boyce, Registrar, at (843) 471-2304.

    From Out-of-State: Eligibility criteria for gifted education are determined in each state. Therefore, students who transfer from another state may or may not be eligible for gifted services in South Carolina. Prior to starting school, students from other states may submit recent nationally normed aptitude and achievement test scores and an official past report card by fax to Richard Blanchard, the Coordinator of GT Instruction and Accountability, at (843) 899-8790 and Hallie Boyce, Registrar, at (843) 471-2304.