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    MILITARY FAMILES: Educational and Family Resources for Military Families

    Military Life Counselors Phone Numbers

    We have a full time  Military Family Life Counselor located at Marrington Elementary School

    Jenna Young 843-572-3373 youngj@bcsdschools.net

    Military Family Life Counselors-Child Youth- Marrington Elementary 843-572-3373

    Military Family Life Counselors - Child Youth - Weapons Station:  843-637-0176

    Military Family Life Counselors - Child Youth - Air Base: 843-637-0172/0042

    Military Family Life Counselors - Adult - Weapons Station & Air Base:  843- 637-9847    


    Military families can get a free YMCA membership for the family at the Summerville YMCA 



    A free app that can be downloaded to their phone- the app has sesame street videos that talk about deployments, homecomings, grief, injuries, self expression






    This link is worth reviewing, not only if you work with military children,

    but also contains good information on parenting at any grade level.  Videos,

    the deployment cycle, coping styles and mechanisms.....many of these can

    apply to other children within our greater military community.


    You can register/view no matter who you are.  Good stuff for training

    teachers/staff in schools with high military populations.



    Ask Aunt Peggy is an great tool if you have questions related to military

    children.  "Aunt Peggie's Top FAQs" will give you an idea of what is

    possible with this wonderful tool.



    Tutor.com offers free online tutoring and homework help for military children. 



    SOAR is an innovative program that makes it easy for parents to play an active role in their children’s education. SOAR is designed for military families, and is easily accessible worldwide.  It offers on-line help in reading, language arts and math for students in 2nd grade through high school. 

    Phone number 254-291-8014



    The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC)'s work is focused on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition.

    Military OneSource is free to service members and their eligible family members. Your work will help them build on their strengths, teach them to maximize their support systems, and help them find community resources to meet their needs. Military One Source offers free short term solution focused counseling. 

    Phone number 1-800-342-9647


    This website offers a range of support for military families including childcare programs for families where one of the parents is deployed. 


    Aunt Peggie:  A valuable researcher, Aunt Peggie answers questions about all  things military and education, and can be contacted directly at this website. 

    Tutor.com for Military Families

    We are very excited to announce a new mobile app Tutor.com ToGo! The app gives eligible military students another way to access the Tutor.com for Military Families program. Students can connect toa live tutor for one-to-one help from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.Students must have an account with the Tutor.com for MilitaryFamilies program to connect to a tutor, and the app is available as afree download in the iTunes Store: see the link below & related file.

    Military Family Life Consultant MFLC

    At Marrington Elementary School, we are fortunate to have a MFLC counselors in the school to support our military families.

    Jenna Young can be reached by calling Marrington Elementary School 843-572-3373 or via E mail at youngj@bcsdschools,net

    CYB-MFLCs are:

    -Available at no cost to assist children and youth, parents, family members and staff 

    -Available to provide situational, short-term, problem solving support

    -Dedicated to augmenting existing military support services

    Services are private with the exception of duty-to-warn situations.


    -School Adjustment

    -Deployment and Separation

    -Reunion Adjustment

    -Sibling and Parent-child Communication

    -Behavioral Concerns

    -Fear, Grief, and Loss

    -Daily Life Issues

    Group sessions, educational presentations and individual meetings can be arranged. After-hours and weekend appointments are available.


    The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) recognized an emerging need to provide information support to Military members and families in addition to resident counseling services at installations.  The Child & Youth Behavioral (CYB) is a component of the Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC) Program which uses licensed clinicians with Masters Degrees and PH.D’s specializing in child and youth behavioral issues.