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    Ann Schuler:School Counselor (Grades K-5)

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     Mini Career Fair For Grades 3rd,4th, and 5th Grade Students

    STEM Mini Career Fairs

    A very important component of the school counseling program at MNE is to prepare students to be successful in the world of work and to familiarize them with a wide variety of career options. Each month an inspiring career speaker is invited to enlighten the 5th grade students about all aspects of their job.  The speakers share what qualities or soft skills potential employers are looking for. Additionally, they let the students know that the better they do in school, the more opportunities will be open to them. The emphasis of these mini career fairs are careers associated with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

    Career Vehicle Day

    This  year for the first time Marrington will be holding it's first annual Career Vehicle Day!  Different vehicles, representing a variety of careers, will participate with our CD - 2nd grade students!  Additionally classroom teachers bring in career speakers throughout the school year! 


    "Education and Economic DevelopmentMade Fun with Puppets and Songs"  An Original Program by MNE School Counselor Ann Schuler

    As Elementary Counselors, we are mandated to integrate the Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) within our Comprehensive School Counseling Programs.  That sounds really official, but at the end of the day, what EEDA boils down to is Career Awareness.  My program “Education and Economic Development Act Made Fun With Puppets and Songs,” offers an original program that weaves EEDA standards within existing guidance units.

     How To Incorporate EEDA and Character Ed. Within Classroom Guidance

    To insure relevance and meaning of EEDA to an elementary school age child, the value of work and the ability to get along and try your best, can be interwoven throughout the three existing guidance standards: Personal/Social Development; Academic Development; Career Development which are commonly referred to as “Learning to Live, Learning to Learn and Learning to Work.”  These domains or standards can be readily incorporated within every classroom guidance lesson by stressing the simple concept that in order to get a job when they get older, children must be really nice, know how to get along and try their best in all that they do. These are the basic skills in obtaining and maintaining a job.  Strategies for these concepts are contained in the classic guidance units:  Conflict Management, Manners, Study Skills, Responsibility, and Citizenship.  My program interweaves EEDA and Character Education. This is achieved in the following way:

    Study Skills         

    Students will identify the fact that the ability to do well in school will facilitate a career when they get older.  Students will identify that they need a career to make money and buy the necessities of life.  Students will identify specific skills to facilitate proper study habits.

    Conflict Management

    Students will identify that they must get along in order to be hired and keep a job which they will need to make money for the things they want in life.  Students will identify specific conflict management techniques.


    Students will identify ways that they are responsible at home and at school.  They will identify that they must be responsible in order to be hired and perform well at their job.


    Students will identify skills that will insure cooperation among classmates and ultimately co-workers so they can be successful on their job.

    For each guidance lesson presented, students will identify strategies for achieving the objectives of each lesson.  Students will also sing and chant an original song that reinforces the objectives of the lesson.