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    Classroom Guidance

    Each student in grades K-5 has classroom guidance on a weekly basis.  We do units on such topics such as Study Skills, Manners, Conflict Management and Careers.  Each lesson is original, contains originals songs and puppet dialogues, is correlated with national standards, and is designed to achieve the goal of higher student learning and increased personal/social development. I tell my students that my job is to “guide” them to be successful in school, happy in their life and when they grow up to get a productive job that they enjoy!

    Individual/Small Group Counseling

    The School Counseling program offers individual and small group counseling for several sessions on a time-limited, as needed basis. Students in Grades K-5 may self-refer.  Referrals may also be made by parents, teachers and other staff members.  Some of the issues addressed are academic concerns, relationship/friend concerns, grief, loss and family issues.  I am a mandated reporter for child abuse cases and am involved in facilitating the child’s recovery and adjustment.  I hold conferences with teachers and parents to facilitate their children’s academic and personal/social development. 

    Educational and Family Resources for Military Families

    Military Family Life Consultants MFLC

    At Marrington Elementary School, a  Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC), Jenna Young

    Mrs. Young can be reached via email at youngj@bcsdschools.net or by calling the school.  


    Military Family Life Counselors Are:

    -Available at no cost to assist children and youth, parents, family members and staff 

    -Available to provide situational, short-term, problem solving support

    -Dedicated to augmenting existing military support services

    Services are private with the exception of duty-to-warn situations.

    Issues Addressed by Military Family Life Counselors Are: 

    -School Adjustment

    -Deployment and Separation

    -Reunion Adjustment

    -Sibling and Parent-child Communication

    -Behavioral Concerns

    -Fear, Grief, and Loss

    -Daily Life Issues

    Group sessions, educational presentations and individual meetings can be arranged.