• Muscle Hawk

    The attached Forms are required to be on file for each cadet.

    1. Enrollment Form - Provides general information on each cadet.

    2. Health Form - Provides any health concerns about the cadet.

    3. Uniform Contract Form - Contract between the Cadet, Parent/Guardian, and the JROTC Instructor that states the Cadet must wear his/her uniform as part of the program.

    4. Responsibility Form -The Cadet is responsible for the daily up keep of the Uniform once issued to them.

    5. Privacy Form - No personal information will be release to any unauthorized personnel or agencies.

    6. Picture Release Form - Gives the Hawk Battalion permission to post pictures of the respective cadet on the website, bulletin board, and/or JROTC area.


    To print form, go to the top right corner of the form and click on "pop-out". The form will appear in another window and allow you to print the form.