• Drill Tm


    The Drill Team is a special team, which represents the Hawk Battalion, marching as a unit during school and community events. They participate in competitions, where they are graded on precision, synchronization, and accuracy of movement during individual, squad, and platoon drill and ceremony. The following is a list of competitive drill events that the Drill Team trains for and competes in during a drill meet.

    1. Squad Basic without Arms
    2. Squad Basic with Arms
    3. Platoon Basic without Arms
    4. Platoon Basic with Arms
    5. Squad Exhibition without Arms
    6. Platoon Exhibition without Arms
    7. Squad Exhibition with Arms

    8. Platoon Exhibition with Arms

    9. Individual Exhibition with Arms
    10. Duet Exhibition with Arms
    11. Color Guard
    12. Knockout Drill (With/Without Arms)

    Grading drill team events will be done in accordance with guidance provided in the respective drill meet Standard Operating Procedures and FM 21-2-5. All events are timed and have a set sequence of commands that the unit must perform to standard.

    Squads, with squad leader, will consist of at least 7 members and not more than 9 members. Platoons, with platoon leader, will consist of at least 13 members and not more than 17 members. Unit leaders will carry the same equipment as their unit.

    Color Guards will consist of four members and they are required to use authorized demilitarized rifles. Color Guards will carry the National  Colors and State Colors, as a minimum, for all presentations.

    Only the demilitarized M-1, M-14, M-1903 or the Cadet Command Facsimile approved rifle will be used by the Drill Team. The Cadet Command Facsimile approved rifle weighs approximately the same as a demilitarized M-1 and has the same size and features.

    Ribbon (N 3-4) = participate in one (1) drill meet event.
    Drill Team Team Arc = participate in ten (10) separate drill meet events.
    Drill Team Cord = participate in twenty (20)
    drill meet events.
    Drill Team Letter (Block H) = participate in thirty (30) drill meet events.

    Practice: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7 - 8:15 AM.

    Coach: CSM Jordan