• Raider Tm


    The Raiders Team builds expertise in outdoor adventure and survival skills. It provides the JROTC cadets with a competitive program in mentally and physically training events: Team Physical Fitness Challenge, 5-Kilometer Road march, Litter Carry, Fireman's Carry Relay, Pull-ups, and Vehicle Pull.

    They also participate in community service projects.

    Raider Team members have a physical workout at each practice where emphasis is on upper-body strength and cardiovascular fitness. Along with the everyday Physical Training, Team members work on individual events as mentioned above. The workload of an average Raider Team member will prepare them for the various annual competitions against Raider Teams of other High Schools.

    The Team Physical Fitness Challenge will consist of activities that challenge a team’s physical fitness, stamina, agility and cardio. The challenge requires an eight (8) member team during Daylight to complete a course of various events; such as individual low crawl, tire flip, heavy object carry, and water can carry, as a team.

    5-Kilometer Road March requires an eight (8) member team to complete the course as a team during Daylight, under existing weather conditions and carrying all items of prescribed equipment within 60 minutes.

    The Litter Carry requires the safe transport a simulated casualty on a litter, 200 - 400 yards, maneuvering through obstacles. Teams will be provided a simulated casualty on a liter, during daylight hours, and under existing weather conditions. Each team will consist of eight (8) raiders, uniform will be full raider meet field uniform. The team must transport the casualty on the litter without the simulated casualty falling off the litter. Teams may walk or run the course. All eight (8) team members must participate in the events.


    Ribbon (N 3-8) = participate in one (1) Raider meet event.
    Raider Team Arc = participate in ten (10) separate Raider meet events.
    Raider Team Cord = participate in twenty (20) Raider meet events.
    Raider Team Letter (Block H) = participate in thirty (30) Raider meet events.

    Practice: Tuesday and Thursday 7 - 8:15 AM.

    Coach: CSM Jordan