• Riflr Tm


    The Rifle Team trains for and competes in rifle matches against JROTC and other high school rifle teams in South Carolina and other states. Individual team members, as well as the entire team, are eligible to progress through state and national level competitions. The team consists of male and female shooters who are trained in firearm safety and shoot competitive grade air rifles, Crosman Challenger PCP.

    Each team will consist of four firers. Firers on teams with less than four firers may only compete for individual trophies.

    Ten Shots from each the prone, standing and kneeling positions will be fired. One ten-meter, ten-bull target for each position with two sighting bulls will be used. Firers will be given sufficient time to zero their rifle using the prone position target sighting bulls. The order of firing will be prone, standing and then kneeling. Firers will be given 10 minutes to complete the prone firing phase, 20 minutes to complete the standing firing phase and 15 minutes to complete the kneeling firing phase. Firers may fire at the sighting bull on the standing and kneeling target but they will not be given additional time to fire or be allowed to go down range to check their targets. Each bull target is worth a maximum score of 10, therefore, making each firing position worth a maximum 100 points. All three firing positions target scores are added together to determine the individual's score during the match.

     The firing distance will be thirty-three feet from firing line to face of target.

    Ribbon (N 3-7) = selected for the Hanahan Rifle Team.
    Rifle Team Arc = participate in two (2) Head to Head Rifle Competition events.
    Rifle Team Cord = participate in three (3) Head to Head Rifle Competition events.
    Rifle Team Letter (Block H) = participate in four (4) Head to Head Rifle Competition events.

    Practice: Monday,Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7:15 - 8:15 AM.

    Coach: LTC(R) Cross