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    A typical week of training within the Hawk Battalion is as follows:

    Monday & Tuesday: Academic Days - Subject matter will include, but not limited to, Foundations of JROTC, Leadership, Foundations for Success, Health & First Aid, Map Reading & Geography, Marksmanship, and Citizenship in American History & Government.
    Wednesday: Cadets will wear the US Army uniform and undergo a uniform inspection for proper care, set-up, and wearing guidelines of the uniform. Following the Uniform Inspection, cadets will learn and conduct individual, squad, and platoon drill and ceremony (D&C) movements/activities with and without arms.


    Thursday: Cadets will participate in Physical Training (PT). PT consists of stretch drills, flexibility training, calisthenics, and running. All PT activities are designed to prepare the cadet for the JROTC Cadet Challenge. The Cadet Challenge is the mandatory JROTC physical fitness test consists of a one mile run, sit-ups, pull-ups or flex arm hang, V-sit reach, and shuttle run.

    Friday: Cadets will participate in a team building activity during Leadership Labs in an effort to strengthen characteristics of individual responsibility, self-reliance, followership, and teamwork.