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    To be eligible for enrollment and continuance as a member of the JROTC unit, each student must meet the following requirements:

    a. Grade. The student must be in a grade above the eighth grade during the school year of enrollment and attending Hanahan High School.

    b. Academic standing. The student must maintain an acceptable standard of academic achievement and standing as required by the JROTC program and host institution.

    c. Conduct and character. Cadets must maintain an acceptable standard of conduct. Those in leadership positions are expected to demonstrate high personal standards in order to set the example. All cadets should be honest, self-reliant, and have a sense of personal and social responsibility in performing unit and other academic assignments. They must exhibit self-discipline and respect for constituted authority through observance of laws, rules, and regulations; by prompt and regular attendance at instruction; and in their general demeanor. Cadets who fail to meet standards will be removed from leadership positions. All cadets will be screened at the end of each school year and will only be readmitted to the program with the approval of the SAI.

    d. Physical ability. The student must be able to participate in the physical education program in the school. This requirement, under the secondary school’s open enrollment policy and when desired by the principal and SAI of the school, may be waived. However, the school will provide any special equipment or additional instructors that may be needed to instruct these students at no cost to the government. The school must also work with the instructor to ensure these students do not cause disruption to the presentation of the JROTC curriculum.