• ALGEBRA II is recommended for students with strong mathematical abilities who plan to enroll in more advanced math courses. This course presents a continuation of algebraic principles and introduces logarithmic, exponential, and rational functions.

    Required Materials: 

    Each student is required to keep an organized 3-ring notebook to hold all notes, activities, practice work, quizzes, and tests.  Students will need graph paper and a graphing calculator.  Teachers have class sets of graphing calculators to make available to students during class throughout the semester with a donation of an unopened 4-pack of AAA batteries.  Along with the battery donation, each student will sign the calculator agreement stated below.


    Calculator Agreement:

    By signing below, you agree to be responsible for the use and care of the assigned calculator, to use only the calculator issued to you, and to return the calculator to the appropriate space in the caddy at the end of each class period.  If the calculator is damaged, destroyed, or lost while in your care, you agree to replace it with a new TI calculator of equal or better level.

    Classroom Rules:

    These rules are in addition to the rules listed in the Stratford High School’s Agenda. Both sets of rules will be enforced in the classroom. 

    1. BE POLITE. Respect your peers and treat everyone with kindness.
    2. BE POSITIVE. Maintain a positive attitude yourself as well as toward others.
    3. BE PREPARED. Bring all materials to class every day including your textbook, notebook, and pencil.
    4. BE PRODUCTIVE. Use your class time wisely and efficiently.
    5. BE PROMPT. Be in your seat ready to begin when the tardy bell rings.


    First Offense:                    Teacher Warning

    Second Offense:              Parent Contacted and Detention

          Third Offense:          Referral


    Units of Instruction: 

    These Berkeley Country School District Common Core Algebra 2 Units of Instruction are used in conjunction with the Holt-McDougall Larson Algebra 2 textbook:

    Unit 0: Linear Equations and Functions

    Unit 1: Quadratics and Quadratic Functions

    Unit 2: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

    Unit 3: Radicals and Radical Functions

    Unit 4: Rational Functions

    Unit 5: Exponentials and Logarithms

    Unit 6: Conic Sections

    Unit 7: Sequences and Series

    Grading Policy:

    50% Tests

    30% Quizzes

    20% Homework/Classwork



    Late Work Policy:  Work must be turned in the day that it is due. The only exception to this is for an absence from class. In the event a student is absent, the student has five school days to make up any assignments, tests or quizzes.  If a student is absent the day before a test, the student will take the test on the scheduled day, as I list test days at least a week in advance.  It is the student’s responsibility to reschedule a missed quiz/test upon his/her return to class.